July 2018:
Long overdue update….

The new FAT #awesome is finally done and available for purchase here:
Check out the little trailer below:

Here is a link for the specs of the Alex Machacek Signature Strandberg guitar
All I can say is do yourself a favor and check it out if you have a chance to.

Recently I composed/recorded a track for Gergo Borlai’s upcoming album “The Missing Song” based on a drum track he sent me. Anthony Crawford is on bass and I think it turned out great – of course it turned out great why would I write about it otherwise…

– in August I will teach for a week  at the Schoenbach Jazz Seminar in Austria for the 12th time (!)
– in October I will reunite with Eddie Jobson for a one off Gig headlining the Progstock Festival – more details soon
– FAT will be live in Los Angeles on November 10th for a VERY special event – again, more details soon.

That’s it for now…

April 2017:
– New dates added…
– I am proudly endorsing Strandberg Guitars, check out their incredible instruments, highly recommended!!! Pictures, videos and more details will follow…
– Currently working on a new FAT album 🙂
…back to work

July 2016:
New dates for July and August added.
What else is new? I played 2 solo shows (opening up for “The Security Project”), one in Whittier and another one in Ramona. The preparation for playing solo kept me quite busy so that I forgot to announce these here. Both shows went quite well and I will  keep working  on even more repertoire 🙂
Besides that I am already working on the next (3rd!) FAT album, we recorded the basic tracks in November 2015. Updates about the progress will be announced here.
In February FAT came to the US and we played 3 shows here. The show @ Alvas was filmed and I will put snippets up when I have time to do that.
BTW, feel free to go to the FAT Facebook Page and “like” it, it doesn’t cost you anything…and since my personal FB Page is full please use my artist page instead.

Recently I did a video shoot for MyMusicMasterclass – 2 lessons, one about “de-mystifying the fretboard” and another one about “rhythm”. (teaser below)

That’s it for now, back to work!
PS: no, I don’t like Spotify or other streaming services – why? Because with these super low royalty rates they pay out they basically ruin musicians. (current average royalty rate from Spotify is $0.005 per stream – you do the math on how many streams one would need in order to buy let’s say one bagel…).
And honestly, who buys an album if they can stream it?
Just saying…

Oct 2015:
– The new FAT album is finished and will be available mid November! (and yes, this one does make a great X-mas gift 🙂 )


– Next gig at the Baked Potato: November 25th with Hadrien Feraud on bass and Eric Valentine on drums – don’t miss this.
– …in the process of working on the next (!) FAT album, we’ll go to the studio in the beginning of November.

May 2015: …finishing the new upcoming FAT album very soon – will be released on Abstract Logix in September 2015.

Upcoming Gig with Ben Shephard and Gary Novak at the World Famous Potato (June 30) – looking forward to that, don’t miss it 🙂

September 2014: …currently working on the second FAT album. Basic tracks were recorded in August 2014.
Upcoming tour in November with Elfi Aichinger, Don Byron, Raphael Preuschl and me of course. Very interesting line-up, come by if you are in the vicinity.
I am an official Pigtronix endorser (Echolution 2 and Class A boost) – video of me using the echolution will be shot soon.
Possible India tour coming up in October and beginning of November, details to be announced soon.

February 2014: …about time for a little update…
– new album: “Now” Gary Husband&Alex Machacek
a duo album with Gary on piano and Alex on guitar

– Virgil Donati’s new CD “In This Life” out now – I played guitar on 2 tracks (Paradise Lost, The Fall of Dreams)


News 2012: Well, the website is new… – and why the hats? Simply because this is the cover of the upcoming CD “FAT” – release date is September 18th, 2012.

I recorded 2 songs for Virgil Donati’s upcoming solo album – release date tba.
Also I recorded a solo for Richard Hallebeek’s album.
Upon request I put a list of my gear on the site -> gear.
Already working on a new CD – a duo with singer/pianist Sumitra – I’ll keep you up to date about this project.
Thanks for checking in!