How did you get together with Terry Bozzio?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions which is why I have gone into some detail.

In1998, Gerald Preinfalk met Terry at a festival in Graz, where they were both playing.
Terry was quite impressed with Gerald, especially by the fact that Gerald played the bass clarinet (Terry’s favourite instrument). Plus the fact that Gerald is part of “Klangforum Wien” (a contemporary ensemble).
Shortly before they met, Terry had released “Chamberworks”, music for drumset, woodwindquartet and string quartet. The only “real” instrument on this CD is the drumset, the rest was sequenced. Terry asked Gerald if he could imagine a live performance of this music with the “Klangforum Wien” or another ensemble.
The idea appealed to Gerald. He stayed in touch with Terry and asked me if I would help him to put something together. The original plan was to open up Terry’s compositions for improvising. Gerald also managed to set up a gig at the “Jazzfest Wien” with an appropriate budget.
We received the scores of the midi arrangements for woodwind and strings. We started to copy the individual parts and also rearranged certain sections to make them playable for live musicians. Gerald took care of the woodwind section and I had the pleasure of working on the string arrangements! I have to say I learned and discovered a lot in the process.
At the time I only had an ATARI and it hadn’t even occurred to me to buy a printer (!) so we wrote the whole thing by hand…! In this intense period of time Gerald and I were faced with the reality that it was not going to be easy to incorporate new sections for improvising into these pieces. We decided that it would be more effective to write 3 pieces for a trio and to play these between the movements of “Chamberworks”.
As soon as Terry got here we started rehearsing and it was immediately clear that this trio had a lot of potential. And so we decided to continue working together as a trio. We called the band BPM (Bozzio, Preinfalk & Machacek), recorded “Delete and Roll” and toured twice around Europe.