“Gary Husband and Alex Machacek have co-created an amazing piece of modern music which goes
beyond categories with “Now”.
The compositions and forms that they have made to expand and improvise with are adventurous and magical. The duet is an orchestra unto itself and the players are obviously very comfortable within each others’ universes. They have taken good care of the sonics of the recording as well with a wonderfully rich sound and perfect mix. Congratulations my friends!”
  Chick Corea

“Alex Machacek’s music starts where other music ends”  John McLaughlin

“You guys are f***ing nuts, This record is amazing!” Allan Holdsworth

“So far beyond good it’s not about good anymore…”  Wayne Krantz

 “I totally lost it when I heard “Donna Lee- Easy Viennese Teenage Version”. This is the most refreshing recording that I’ve hear in the last several years”  Shawn Lane